The Afm’s Principled Position On The Proposed Bill On The Prevention And Combatting Of Hate Crimes And Hate Speech


The Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa (AFM), is the oldest Classical Pentecostal Denomination in South Africa, founded in 1908.  The AFM united into one multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-linguistic church in 1996 and has 1.4 million members, 1532 congregations and 2498 pastors in the country.   To a large extent, it is a microcosm of the South African society.  The AFM is operative in more than 30 other countries globally, with national churches in most of them, of which the majority are on the African Continent. The Head Office is situated at 257 Jean Avenue, Building 14, Central Office Park, Centurion.

As a faith-based community, we believe that every human being is created in the image of God and as such, has intrinsic dignity and worth. Because God gives dignity and worth to all people, as human beings we ought to do the same. No person should suffer violence or hatred because of his or her race, nationality, sex, religion or any other characteristic.

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AFM stands for "Apostolic Faith Mission" (in Afrikaans: "AGS - Apostoliese Geloofsending"). The AFM exists since 1908 and is the first and largest Pentecostal church in the country - with 1.4 million members in SA and currently established in 29 countries of the world. "Pentecostal" means that it is a church who believes that the Spirit of God is given to believers to live dynamic and overcoming lives. 
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